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well-known text-book of surgery. Rose and Carless), was the first to
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toxic substances derived from virulent cultures. The animal is, after a
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age of two years : the female is even fooner ripe than
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racii((ii is secured in court dissatisfaction continues; so 'it would
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in the elastic fibres. Grawitz suggested, as a possible cause, defective
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In the treatment of leprosy, many drugs have been employed in the
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is unable to dislodge the impacted mass. The abdomen becomes distended,
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Cause of the inflammation accompanying the gouty paroxysm. —
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mence with, one-twentieth of a grain may be given, and the dose may be
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tions should be treated with ipecacuanha, the sulphates, or calomel. In
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becomes slow (50 to 70) as intra-cranial pressure develops. The leucocyte
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of gallstones; calcium-carbonate, although frequently present, is usually
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the legs are extended, because it is easier to fiex the legs the higher
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would bring on a kind digeftion at firft, and a fpee-
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for the syphilitic to be convinced beyond any doubt that he is syphilitic.
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malarial blood, spheres and flagellated organisms Fl G n \te~^1nI^Z
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of the pancreas, I searched the records of the post-mortem examinations
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or if they are otherwife over-fatigued, at any time
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the brain is above normal size and weight, though normal in appearance to
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versely or somewhat obliquely across the abdomen, showing distinct
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practically worthless. In cases of carcinoma, situated low down in the
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they may be gradually withdrawn, the night enema being retained to the last.
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conditions which have to be treated in functional disorders are — (1) altera-
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The whole of the tongue may become inflamed, as when a powerful
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Tubercle sometimes also attacks the soft and hard palate. Greyish
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percentage of the cases. The average duration of such treatment will
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