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carried out in the examination, mixing, bottling, packing, and
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'boses," while Kuskow considers thromboses of the smaller arteries
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Case V. — Mrs. G., a Russian, aged 22, second pregnancy.
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of fibroid lung, saccular cavities are met with, and it is hardly
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ended with scarcely a stain. In December, 1882, her
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column and convert it into a small, flat, bloodless, and airless mass (atelectasis).
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operation. Patient did very well indeed for ten days,
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liitn. atheromatous degeneration of the two hypogastric arteries, and fatty trans-
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Perhaps the bandage worn has been too tight, or has slipped up and the
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Sweden. She had consulted him in 1888 for certain symptoms that had
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of these are mistura sulphuiica adda or alum, particularly in the form
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presently the home of the Ideal Cement Company, is a striking example. It was erected in
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another name fleabane , is of two kinds, though the
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Es i^Zl 'T GnCe *? \ Woman delivered of a child eighteen
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neath, the exposed surface on the chest became covered with
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it. From 1830 till old age, though engaged in almost
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2 Maladies du Syst. Nerveux, t. i. lect. ix. See also Ballet, Two
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regulation of health claims that could be made by dietary
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sota, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Drake.
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when they occur, are usually made manifest about the second week.
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was involved 14 times, the left 7 times and both once. In Sobel
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No such Certificate will be received unless it attests a bond fide
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of the horse's hoof or the sharp contact of the tire of a wheel.
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In 1865 and 1866 he read medicine in the office of his brother,
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imminent pernicious attack. Drowsiness, replying with effort to
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It may not be absolutely necessary for a pension surgeon
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eases existed at two distinct periods of the years in which this
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prognosis until the patient has been observed for at least a month or
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ward extent ; in fact, not more than one, two, or three segments may be
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better if only small quantities were removed than if a large
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