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the strength. Sleep must be procured by such means as are mentioned above

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accompanied by difficult and copious expiration. He breathed

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rare) with a chill, which frequently develops into a rigor.

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but by redness, heat, and swelling, then the absence

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malaria, brucellosis, and isosensitization. In 1959,

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The importance of regular physical activity in main-

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brownish-yellow skin has been produced. At the expira-

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over the aflfected region. In consequence of the co-existence of pleurisy

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bacillus coli commune, Luksch ( Centralblatt f. Bakte-

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tose cerebral forms in robust subjects, with injected face and conjunc-

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nth the record of the temperature, pulse, and respiration

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and ]>enuit weight l>earing in eight or ten weeks

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snow ; in another, that of a young lady, it appeal ed

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Society. Dr. Methot died 5 July 1995 at the age of 62.

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There is no obligation on your part to have this exami-

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taken ; and we thought it riglit to protest against an appeal from a body, ap-

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of observation with me, as it is the first case I have seen, and

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1896, n. 3., 68-72.— ITIoiidino (C.) & Mirlo'lG.) Contri-

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In reviewing the records one thing is striking of them — the

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clinic with icterus, excessive ascites (which required repeated tapping),

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covered to be attached by a long pedicle. The organ was

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quent pulse— burning heat of the hands and feet — profuse per-

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diagnosticating lateral curvature ; but the rigidity

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cases are not diagnosed. Since myasthenia gravis is often fatal, since it is

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infection ? This point it is impossible to solve, and the expres-

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A remedy of acknowledged value in the treatment of all diseases of the urinary

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and that which of all others affords the greatest assistance to the frame

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derive much interest. The author is a very sciolist, who of-

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be spurred to renewed activity by well directed ex-

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would do it with the forceps. The point we differ on is with

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provide for paupers what they do not think necessary to provide for them-

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attempt to dispute, that time secures adhesions and that the infected

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ciety, and the Middlesex South District Medical So-

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subjects, are all here to be ^iscussed in a manner which, I trust,

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Scarlet fever was somewhat prevalent during the earlier part of the

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