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constant and clearly marked. He gave up his business

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immortal name in this noble and hospitable city of London ! "

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seen, so closely simulates myopia that the careless observer

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it is the same with Scarpa's ; for it is but seldom that a hook

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The reputation of the American medical profession is at

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seems to be relatively more common in children than in adults. Henoch

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a pathologist. In fact, these metaphysical denominations are

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Dr. Schroder placing the mortality of these operations so high ; he had not

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primary operation is merely the formation of an artificial anus

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Painters are common sufferers, and usually in inverse proportion to their

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cervical nerves without function, as far as the trapezius is

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Russia, which is a highly-infected country. The difficulty of

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will be " heaping full," and each berry will present a bright,

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titution, for which immediate relief must be given.

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is the opposite to that existing in the diphtheritic subject; whoso

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is in the gaseous form ; flowers of sulphur dropped on a heated shovel and

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the only opportunity exists, that ever will, to escape this fatal disease*

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Van IJureu, Dr. W. H., abscess in the neighborhood of

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which their virtues demand. Particularly is this the

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ation upon the face for cancer, warts, moles, scars, etc.

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the exercise properly conducted, and only very smM quantities of liquids

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the conditions imposed by the War Department is that

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much as Weinnchius. Br. Needham, Bartkolini, and others had 'given

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me that this obvious defect may very well be the cause.

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forms betray the insufficiency of the organism in the

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gestion by mere fixation of an object without verbal sug-

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the uterine and peritoneal cavities, had discharged them-

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digalen in 114 minutes was about 33 per cent, of the dose administered,

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washed blood corpuscles of a rabbit or sheep, with the

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by hypertrophied trabeculse. A microscopical examination

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Board of Lunacy and the Asylum Committee of the Paro-

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ceased, and she began to take bread and milk, and milk and lime-water freely.

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all other projects of a like kind, Dr. Gairdner is in the van, ever anxious

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improve very rapidly, and in the course of a year the child was

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