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by retinal hemorrhages or by white dots and streaks ("feather-splashes" ».
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1. — A detailed description of an apparatus for the ad-
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twice, but each time has been followed by a reaccumulation of pus.
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pharynx, or posterior nares, and that of one who has
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case of any other infectious epidemic malady. We can not
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cine which could cause the absorption of cartilage. These means
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regard to evacuation of dysentery cases became more and more
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were fed in the same way, then killed, and the contents of the alimentary
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of the excretions, we may account for the inordinate deposit
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serous expectoration, dyspnot-a, painful palpitations,
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result was perfect vision in both eyes. He could judge
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and pliant as not to interfere materially with the delicate sense
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or rods, which give a denticulated appearance to the cliromatin mass,
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one form of exertion after another is unsafe for him. Or emotional excite-
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shown a shrunken glomerulus with a capsule thickened by the laying down of
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I enlisted the services of this Committee ; they did not seek
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after the preliminary treatment, with the result of H. D. R.
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West Coast of Africa, and has attracted a good deal of interest and
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sion. I failed to find one^ though I read the commu-
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vous traits in family ; an active, strong man ; weight,
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Different fevers exemplify the different varieties of infection. Of some fevers,
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ficient disease of that organ itself; (3) the marked
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wards as the fissure of Sylvius, as well as the ascending frontal and the
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lar incision, securing vessels as the operation progressed,
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Hobson's Choice.— TTie Lancet of June 20, 1874, refers in the following
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Such a molecule, e.g. gelatin bromide, dissociates into a positively
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found them but cumbrous baggage, and, perforce, neglected
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doch Cameron of Glasgow, of tying both the Fallopian tubes."
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The two cases reported as positive, the authors de-
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unendurable, and during which he writhed and moaned in
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has made, he has stated one of the strongest arguments for
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cinoma occurs more often on the posterior wall than on the anterior.
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resin, charcoal, chalk, tobacco ashes, dried mortar, mud, clay, sand,
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opportunities you face. Maximizing your wealth is at the
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child was circumcised, and when three months old was taken
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a report of a case under his care, and went extensively into the litera-
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contact with the thoracic walL Toward the end of the. first week, on
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and weight may be so great that the organ will have £rom four to six
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fectly conscious of the uterine efforts being without pain. In these

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