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of the bacilli are freed which are sufficient to cause local and general

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blue patches api)eared upon the surface of the breasts which within a

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that of any other fever, with languor and debility, anorexia and

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pelvis in order to clear the foot of the ground. Sensation is never disturbed.

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1862.] Lente, Amaurosis and other Disorders of the Eye. 81

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tertian we find bodies in fission several hours before the apj)earance

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eral and local, is of very ancient use. A Chinese sur-

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obscure may be the conditions determining its local

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the eruption disappears. As a rule, itching is not pres-

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digest. Wishing to study this question I instituted a

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The specific gravity having been thus determined, and the

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vedere sulla genesi delle febbi i infettive. Moderna nied.,

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for fifty years such has been the practice in this hospital.

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more pronounced, 82.7 per cent of the circulating lymphocytes having

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are also recommended. Mercury pushed to slight ptyalism is re-

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Blood dyscrasias have been reported in patients receiving

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one of the most distin^iiahed physiologists and naturalists of the

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between; put aside, and let diy perfectly, then moisten the

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9600 in forty days, while the hemoglobin made a gain of only three

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by a fine of $100 and the forfeiture of the right to

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would be more eflTective in preventing the spread of the disease

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compose. It is also much commended as having great penetrating power,

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cation of partial failure of the semilunar valves is so seldom

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December 16, 1911, the day after delivery outside Hospital.

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bright, wound healed, no bulging; optic neuritis subsiding; G wks. after condition good.

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certificates, it may be remarked that they were all sent back to be amended, as

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nasal cavities and found only very slight, if any, engorge-

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water was excellent, was the first on the pipe coming from the springs,

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difficulty in swallowing. On examination I found fulness under

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nosa — Europhen — Bxalgin — Guaiacol — Hajmo-

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were performed weekly to monitor the development of hepatitis

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of whom 1,284 died and .5,!>">8 recovered. During tiie

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I conceive, be inferred from the presence of free oil in the cir-

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percent. Among these were 2200 servants, > tended for eating (and therefore devoid of

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and the man, fearing his end was near, sailed to his native

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days after it had ceased, it again came on profusely, and was followed by a

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of Lexington, Ky., and of his Surgical Methods and Work.

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he complained of the same pain as long as he could speak. Had two actions on his bowels

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