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at Baltimore and assigned to tuberculosis dispensary wor

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within the power of preventive treatment. At present we seem

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regular and strong, and the respiration normal. On being awak-

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relation of the bullet wound in the skull to the cerebral con-

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Albany ; A Report on the Electrolysis of Cystic Goitres, by

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maker's, before it is poured into the frames. The quantity of

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ture, and extended about the eighth of an inch into

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sure that the nailing was properly done. In my cases the

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tinued drainage in cases of cerebral cysts are well

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books were received as evidence. The lower court allowed

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hardt's Manual of Diseases of Children; a new edition of Frey

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have no branches ; and cladothrix, of long rods or threads

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sult of long experience in manufacture, aided by suggestions from

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light. The sterilized ose is dipped into this, and the drop of dye

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transferred to Europe, in consequence of the publication, in 1858, of M.

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ments, opium is to be given in sufficient doses to secure relief of pain

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Eye Affections in Dengue, Gaz. med. d'Orient, December, 1889.

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In ten years ending in 1829, there were reported by the

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deal of sloughing, and the skin is dry and hot, you will aggravate the

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should stop working after the tract matures — usually by

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ing, but the chances of recovery were overbalanced by

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is relieved, and laryngeal obstruction requiring tracheotomy may be

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said, had just purchased a commodious property near

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Fenwick, M. D., M. R. C. S. E., Institutes of Medicine;

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sician cannot defeat liability for breach of contract to

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calculated accordingly. While a low-grade radium loses a higher

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rigorous weather of this locality, which has to a great

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walls of the abdomen ; in fact, the expansion and contraction of

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vast amount of misery and crime is attributable to alcoholic

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an earnestness and unselfishness of purpose unequalled

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Non-expert Testimony In Insanity Cases. — A ruling of the Ignited

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The electromotor force developed on the contact surface between

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vent of the sinus was preceded by no more than four

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