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To appreciate what has been done in furtherance of this object it

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and its natural history. A copious bibliography is given in an appendix, and

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the neighboring and even far distant cells may become

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should also be condemned. These infections are apt to give rise to

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should be composed of physicians; the legal profession should

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vations on healthy student-volunteers has been made by his

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This fistula did not heal, and a little more than a

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London the same day. On the 7tli, while in a Turkish bath, I

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fact that they are but slightly soluble in the fluids of the

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tion an infant six months old, travelling with its parents

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of the delivery of the placenta, and in confirmation of which

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that the of the " Peculiar People," who ignored the appli-

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tents of the stomach were effectually discharged the relief would be per-

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cannot be demonstrated in the circulating blood, the method of its removal

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we consider what we, as physicians, are supposed to

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does not allow the fine adjustments which are so de-

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found at the anterior part of the cervix uteri. She was imme-

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the whole of the proteid. undergoing digestion is changed first

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1 . The vena saphena minor was touched in the fossa poplitca, on the

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so, what is the relation of this cause to the effects ? 3. If

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dense in this region than elsewhere. Another similar case is

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purge : why should not a similar effect be produced by the

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night of melancholy, despair or suicide. Many a household once happy, has be-

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Beaufort, Queenstown, Dordrecht, and Aliwal JSTorth had better

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developed a large nodule in the subcutaneous tissues at the base of

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In June of last year the patient travelled about somewhat, alone with her

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the muscles relaxed the bed-linen and his clothing would be

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siderable portion of the time, and this weakness had notice-

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forms of anarthria of similar severity. The distinction l^etween aphemia

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another. Tlie mind may run on either gay or grave topics, or there may be

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XV, 321-330. — I.ior\venth'al (W.) Zur Ivenntniss der

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habits of cleanhness and increased comforts, yet I cannot admit that in

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was uncertain, but inclined to come forward. I informed

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week the vomiting was almost continuous; there was loss of appetite,

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should be laid at once on his back in a cool, airy, and

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wot thrown into a state of ebullition or fermentation, which worked off

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and Pearce'' in 220 cases found tuberculosis in 35 (16 per cent.), in 13

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