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of bichloride of mercury three times a day. This treat-
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suitable to each stage, as to whether the malady or we first gain control
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diseases and glandular swellings are introduced by vaccination -
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M>rces that liave to carr\ on the b.ittle against shock, f.itigue, and infec-
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Mr. Paine stated, that the gas was not carbonized, but was catalyzed,
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from the operation is not very great, yet it is sufficiently
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covering a considerable extent of the surface of the heart.
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first negro case, Dana that of an American Indian. The two sexes are
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led down to a focus of disease in the coronal depression of
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put a stop to this kind of work by ceasing to seek consultation, etc., with
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quite dispelled the yellowness of the surface. Some-
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ternal care and feeding. He then makes a strong argument
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paraplegia may have been sudden, the pressure on the
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ITS: Intermountain Thoracic Society, 1616 S 11th East, Salt Lake City
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The Cartwright Prize. — At the recent commenceiDent of the Col-
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epinosum (a species of cocklebur) in ten-grain doses three
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similarly complete aphemic condition may be produced by a lesion of the
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first portion that is voided, while the second is clear. The first portion
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return to a normal, or nearly normal, function is brought
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regular teacher is provided by the University, so that this requirement
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vals between the paroxysms of the intermittent, as it
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asthma, which they probably do by blunting ihe exag-
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figured here on the 106th page, is expensive, clumsy, and practically a
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logically, physiologically, and anatomically, that the
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such as stone-cutters, file-grinders, hatters, wool-carders, cigar-makers,
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resemble very closely the appearances sometimes presented by
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nounced, substantial theories replace hazarded hypotheses, and
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