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sensation of constriction both of the abdomen and of the chest;
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14. For this purpose the aorta tourniquet of Pancoast can be
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Jane, only child of the late Charles Leaviss, Esq., of Willington
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spasm, the activity of these motor centres is inhibited or arrested
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the Tramactions of the UediahCh il t u 'ff i eal Socifty.
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Eberth in the tissues represents the virus of typhoid
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by Lauder Brunton and his assistants, and quoted by the former
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tween genuine immunity and what Kelsch and Kiener have designated
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of urine was not present in these cases. Notwithstanding that many
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capillaries, approaching the characteristics of a true angioma. He
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she holds the arm out towards the right front, the scapula immediately
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Anatomy and Physiology in University College, London ; Allen Q'homson,
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lated with 1 or 2 c.c. of the urine. In the female the vulva is cleansed
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The disease has no characteristic pathological anat-
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a shrill blowing or sibilant noise because of the greater constric-
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nbricoid worm is propagated by ova. The body of a female
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into the habit. Rarely, individuals are found, who once having broken
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ical Society, the Minnesota State Medical Association,
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the lungs, liver, spleen, or kidneys after death. No
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disease may present the same features as in adult life. In some cases
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stopping the inequalities of wood with white lead in making automo-
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1. Owen GM, Lubin AH, Garry PJ : Hemoglobin levels according
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the size of the spleen and number of white cells were diminished.
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tive iuoculations. In the case of bacillus anthracis,
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joint, which latter means a carious destruction of the articular surfaces.
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soda may predispose to this highly dangerous condition.
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proportion of defective and insane that we always find
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cision do not approximate. Sutures are considered advantage-
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dies which may be of great value under certain circumstances, but also forget the ser-
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toneal sac, a quantity of clay-coloured faeces came into view, but the
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the Rotunda Hospital. The report at my disposal gives me no facts
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in the proportion of 1 to 6\ ; at Idstedt the numbers were 402 non-
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the questionnaires will be of invaluable assistance in
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it by plugging the wound with cotton or gauze. The tampon
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two enlarged portions are fluted on one side to pass over the
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In the second case, in which only five grains of the poison, dissolved in|

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