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elapsed. Yeo's diet-list is also a useful guide. In plethoric obesity (usually

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Medical Association that certain unhappy dissensions, which called for action

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grew the book before you, first published in Latin under the title of

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animals, by examining the blood in cases of paralysis; when we should find

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any higher justice, upon application frcnn any patient in

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lesions are erythematous rings, the hairs should be cut close, and the

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Maudsley's vivid portraiture of this condition. At first sight it would

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trifacial and of the olfactory nerves, I now pass on to consider loss of smell,

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form of the "hallucinatory delusions." The German collective in-

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writers hold that there is originally one primitive trace, and

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but in children and old people there is generally a short but variable

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and only dries up by evaporation; it has no coagulating property.

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The previous history was that of measles at two years, bronchitis at

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ring the whole of the winter, our agent Prof. Parritt was obliged

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attack occurred twenty-five years ago. The man did not

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Fortunately, I have not seen a case of marked submucous

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Ohio, advocated the use of lithia water and tlie flashing out

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of the bladder. In some cases this dissection is very easy; in others,

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the departure of the first George for the kingship of England. This

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thoroughly disinfected in times of an epidemic, at r^ular intervals, for

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The bark of the root of this vine is boiled in water, and the

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Case 41, who died of hemorrhage following violent exertion, was

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nervous constitution may be mingled in various propor-

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fluctuation was detected, simple incision and washing out without

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the tuberculous process, were scraped with a sharp spoon. The fur-

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not endanger the function of the joint. The writer calls special

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in this great constructive work that lies before you.

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heroic articles of the materia medica, would often do more in saving

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know to succeed brilliantly in empyema, be applicable i(y

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lar, large, and thin-walled. The luemorrhage had occurred from

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reports the results of his experiments on the toxicity of phos-

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from another, two or three^ years ; from all, or almost all, sometning.

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6. Pleurisy. Cases requiring tapping so commonly show tubercular

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remedy from the culture fluids ; in the second, from the

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passages is resisted by an involuntary effort at expulsion, a

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amination in (jeneral,"a topic of great importance, tlie

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