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little danger to life. In fatal cases, the termination is generally due to
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Should there be diarrhoea, if necessary give bismuth, sub-
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sioQ in solution of Cyanide of Potassium, action of heart 21, spasmodic and wholly unlike
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tions for bedside study, which shall apply to all those
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subject a lay-press exchange states : The results obtained in
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first week, 15 pounds second week, 8 pounds third week,
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the bowel enters, while in the case of diverticula or free
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febrile urine, and the following local phenomena : Pain, numb-
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and vagina. Very serious results may be derived from the pustules in
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ing an attack is scant in quantity, has a dark* red color, and contains no albu-
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As the insufficiency becomes more marked the pulse-frequency augments
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one should be largely guided by general principles, consulting the pre-
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escaped, and the small intestine floated into the wound and ob-
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606; joint inflammations, 161 ; lesions, epithelioma
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abundance. Patients have an antipathy to fatty articles of diet. The
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economises albumin and fat, and has been proved by the ergograph
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side of tlie thigh, just below the perineum, cutting downwards, close to
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blind is drawn down in the reliring-room, and a gas-lamp
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of nitric ether, and sometimes ten minims of colchicnm wine, three times
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tion isotonic with the cerebro-spinal fluid. We knew
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cases of progressive mental decay, in which there has been syphilis with
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and should be made to understand that when he meets with difficulty he
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1 Blanton, W. B.: Report of Diphtheria at Camp Custer. Michigan.
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announcement : " Teacher, we have come over to your
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clinical observation, it does seem to have been demon-
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sensation is ever prominent and occupies his attention in
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tion — 'ine for carcinoma, one for gonorrhoeal abscess, and
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life almost exclusively to the study and treatment of this class of dis-
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Unquestionably the source of the hemorrhage was the open bloodvessel sup-
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