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When admitted his ribs were found to be j been commenced. The first bleeding was
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work, in relation to the prognosis, deserves atten-
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lancinating ; and, although continuous, is varied by exacerbations, com-
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arise by a reception of evidence on this point. The law requires absolu
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change seems to be incident to the digestive act ; for before digestion com-
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found the hanged man seated on the table. He turned execu-
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A gentleman about 40 had suffered for years with enlarge-
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ratio to the intensity, the loudness, of the murmur, whereas
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from one part to another more vital part,) the exhaustion of the vital
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flax-seed poultice was applied to the foot and fifteen grains
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of goitre has not diminished the proportion of cases needing operative inter-
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primarily on premature ossification of the bones at the base of the skoD,
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good, the Bromide of Potash may be substituted for the Bromide of
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the wart is situated upon the face and it is important to obtain the
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ifestations, and is fatal in the vast majority of cases.
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was not to be detected. This, as well as the circumstance, that
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possible, could not be successful, because the blood was already
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Throughout my investigations on the excretion of urea, I
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regeneration of the army ; but on the death of the first incum-
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chirurgiseheu Klinik zu Jena 1888-93. Arch. f. klin. Chir.,
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I four inches, to the adult baby measuring from eighteen
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tion of large doses of sodium bicarbonate has a marked
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forward eagerly, I am sure, to that crucial and final test
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the head of pulmonary congestion y and if affecting both lungs
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sulphide and other sulphides, as in the patent preparation
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proHcntotl till* paliont (wlio had recovered) that had torniod the
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the destruction of microbes. While this process in diph-
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the clavicles, thus diffusing tlie pressure over a large
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noted. A sensitive thermometer placed in the axilla will (if there
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suddenly, by asphyxia. Death from vascular complica-
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time the rabbit ate cabbage leaves, and ran about as though
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3 *A New Clinometer for Measaring Torsional Deviations of the
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that, on the other hand, should measles appear during the existence of a
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stances, and Dr. Blackwood believes that the attendant
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Professor MoWebnbt, in replying, said that the cultures he
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are soft, the pulse is weak, and there is great lassitude.
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tion of the brachial plexus, from the various nerve-
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that the champions of conservatism in the treatment of
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large proportion of cases post-partum hemorihage was
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Dr. Trenholme read a paper on " Vesico-Vaginal Fistula,"
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are much obliged to Mi-. Macfie for sending \is an intelligent speoch on an
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as well as a weakness that increases from day to day; not only of the

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