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under gentle pressure, that the electrode passed by

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missioner shall not, however, convene any such panels

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wo<ild probably be more correctly classed with the sarcomata,

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in the forests and commence the clearing and cultivation of

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The first thing noticed is a callous or blister, beneath which is ex-

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Gieshen. In earlv life he especially devoted himself to some important

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274. — ItLo vale reiki (P. I.) Partsiahiaya epilepsiya.

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work it would be done. He considered Dr. O'Farrell's

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profession to a higher and better life and spur on the great

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seldom so severe. There were no complications and no seque-

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performed cholecystectomy on a female patient of forty, after which

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by the obstruction the sound is withdrawn until the lower edge of the

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show of equanimity the evidences of one's limitations.

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in neglect, others in the midst of every attention. No remedy was

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the profession is to adopt the seemingly radical views and radical pre-

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of the lower extremities is apt to occur in the latter part of life. Emacia*

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plaster of-Paris splints. Med. News, Pbila., 1893 Ixiii, 70.

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fluences to bear to prevent these recurrent attempts at

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down when its vessels are little developed and do not sup-

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fourpence, so that he will get more for revaccinations

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olin, or to any combination in the use of these agents.

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cloudy swelling of the epithelium. But the congestion is much more

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time, and yet go on for the score and a half of years allotted to uterine

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of Plague by Fleas. Plague Supplement III, January 14, 1914, p. 429 and

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flax-seed poultice was applied to the foot and fifteen grains

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inflammatory tuberculosis) is that form or manifestation of tuberculosis

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are cleared up, act well and, also a solution nation with the application only of the

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way to exist. Rest in bed, even in a febrile tuberculosis where the symp-

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as a coincidence. This indeed was what might be expected, since the changes

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sudden pressure that may fall on an advanced casualty sta-

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I have for several years advised tlie carbonate or muriate of ammonia dur-

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