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branes rai-ely fail to serve, except in the pueri^eral
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is generally felt that Dr. J. S. Lavies, the son of the late in-
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and spending money that we can save, which is so much needed at
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cases. The diazo reaction is more common than in other fevers, but less
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scope, was found to contain a large number of red blood-corpuscles. ToAVJU-ds
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so many bands, the constraint and weight and tightness of
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few recovered, and many went direct to the sanatoria. As the
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thesia, unconsciousness, and since becoming a nurse she has taken
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but there was no injury which could have given rise to them. The limbs were mottled
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without the antivivisectionist's characteristic evasive-
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meridian, Mith the head towards the west. He found that
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Plan. And those who did remember, often only did so jealously.
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daytime to supplement the natural supply. Bismuth, benzo-
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may be that elderly and indigent patients will be restricted
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this subject bad produced many statements with regard to the action of this
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presence of other specific infections of the organism.
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precipitate formed in the silver solution, though the process
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and this as a rule suffices; but the finer grade of talc, lycopodium,
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an acute, shooting character. Another and still more frequent complica-
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is present in sufficient amount to entirely mask all
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while hemolytic streptococci were present in a considerable number
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possessed by the cell ; others pass along its long borders and still others cross
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interest as a source of domestic water supply for the farm, for it
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towards eliciting the pathology, or mode of cure, of this terrible cpi-
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began to suffer frcm frequent attacks of bronchitis, manifested by fever,
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fortunately, one of the number of those over which we may exert the
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by asphyxia here is due to arrest of the righf heart circulation. The
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The Tnberonlin Test for Tnberonlosis in Cattle. — The
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a lancet, and the forceps pushed down between the gum and the
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Medical ^ournaiy February 22, 1879,) presents an interesting
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has lately shown that by the addition of and of these bodies because of the ozone in
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that the amount of influence exerted by this difference
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the general growth of tire body and espe- ^^^latto woman, eighteen years old; primi-

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