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sort of difference between some of these cells in cholera and healthy columnar
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spider cells (14 to 20 /x) with large nuclei; their processes forming a
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He complained of constant pains of a shooting or darting
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has been a consensus of opinion that the menstrual fluid contains
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that the amenorrhoea was not the primary condition followed by
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pelvic pain and irritability of the bladder, and of some nausea and
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been recorded. Experimental inoculation by means of
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fected, even in a "dazed or mechanical way." I have had
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and fully. No delirium throughout. The heat about the head was greatly increased, and
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child. Pellagrin 310, is said by the parents to have had the same disease when
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press his spirits, and becloud his visage ; producing, perhaps unusual
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had come to regard their services as consisting only in
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treatment of fever is based upon rational and scientific prin-
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vessel, was brought directly from his ship to my office. He had
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taking place chietly during the first twelve hours after the dose.
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of haemoglobin. The number of poly nuclear leucocytes is
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death, pneumonia being second with only 35 to its credit. Investi-
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former may be mentioned pleurodynia (intercostal neuralgia or myalgia),
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ical and chemical changes in the bacterial substance, in-
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p6riode; j-fesection sous-p6riost6e du conde. Ann. Soc.
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and the face was pallid. The patient was semi-maniacal. No
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and sometimes of a scanning character. This symptom was present in
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Hollow Assumptions. With an Essay on the Present State
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found t'ne deltoid muscle implicated in the disease, and, there-
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+ f^x^oic cleft] A congenital fissure of the fiioe,
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normal proportion of red globules, but the white glo-
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in a herniary protrusion. Requin narrates a case, the obstruction oc-
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should give careful attention to the amount of mucus
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resources of the materia medica in remedies of this kind will be
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In cases attended spasmodically or continuously with hypo-
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not graduate— $10. All the above expenses to be paid in advance, or secured by note, with a satia-
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