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continues in its destructive activity. These diseases have
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ducing the acute disease in susceptible animals. In
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British House of Commons, at a recent sitting, why in the
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diaphragm which slopes obliquely from above downward and for-
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theless retain the power of movement. I have notes of more than one case
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affected part acts imperfectly if at all ; its use is perverted, and a
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were inserted in utero ; uterine contractions were first noticed at 9 p.m. on
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A woman, 42 years old, the wife of a Turkish peasant,
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bodies may persist for a considerable time, the concentration becomes much
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inflammation, are excellent. While speaking of the prelimi-
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We draw near the end. The chirurgeon of four French kings,
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tendon of the external oblique, so as to comjiletely expose the whole mass.
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mg/mL, respectively. The total body clearance and half-
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come still more contracted. It was in such cases as these that the late
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a small nodule began to grow at the outer end of the clavicle,
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The prolable error arises from the circumstances that half the total
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crime in China ; or a girl, escaping from the surveillance of
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as they term it. Dr. Joseph Clarke, of the Rotunda hos-
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occurrences of medical practice. Quite a number of cases
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and she complained that the light blinded her. She made no other
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man the disease known as milk-sicknevs are well established, and it has
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f. exper. Path. u. Piiarinakol., Leipz., 1893-4, xxxiii, 406. —
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may be obtained by boiling, whereas with cocaine ecgonine is
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lyzed as by a blow. Epidemics rapidly reach their height, and subside
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having the proper ketogenic-antiketogenic ratio, and which, by
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fold function. Habitually they pour out upon the surface an oily
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had gone on very well until a week ago, when her temperature
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intubation as compared with tracheotomy, and the ease
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hook. The condition of both the mother and child demanded immediate
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simple solution of the ditticulty is forthcoming if it be assumed that
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