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modern times. Doctor Colles administers it successfully in

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general and his staflF, particularly his brother, Dr. McClellan,

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many other additions. By Horatio C. Wood, Jr., M.D.,

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towe and Mr. Holmes has not yet been made public, that they

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ments against the identity of the two diseases. The same remark

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(Archtv fur Tdinische Chirurgie, xiii. 2, 1872 ; SchmidVs Jdhrhucher,

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they are balanced in their fucceflion, though the order of that

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remedies this by applying to the cast the principle of Schede's

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portions of the writings of Hippocrates, Aristotle and Galen,

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The prognosis depends on the severity of the symptoms ;

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removed, and the depressed portion gently elevated; this procedure instantly

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rye flour, I tablespoonful of brown sugar, 1 teaspoonful of salt, 2 of

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recorded, that the last act of Dr. Rush was an act of

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under date of November 7th. I am glad to learn that the doctor's position

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rapidly recover. By this mode of treatment, eighty-three cases of

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not free from danger, especially in the hands of an inexperi-

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a matter of fact the stool in pellagra is never of this type and either they

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a memorial sent to the Senate and House of Representa-

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flammation which was never anything else — /.^., which

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decomposed animal and vegetable matter, as its exciting

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The patient was then returned to the ward, and by the

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13. Good serviceable horses will be used for the ambulances and transport

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remedies this by applying to the cast the principle of Schede's

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Better. From this time she improved until 5th mo. 9th, when she was de-

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condition leading to obstruction and relieve it where practi-

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sean more than once Calcarea, 30, given for Delirium tremens

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About the third month the intervals should be length-

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and the pulse 96, perfectly regular. I made the diagnosis of non-tubercular

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frequently died in the course of the experiment. The quantity of

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reddish or purplish. The seed capsule has six cells and contains

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Atidcwttj-al Muscles atsd Ixgft^al Casal.- 1. External oblique muscle. 2.

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composition. I think it only right to Dr. Hassall to say,

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The condition of the urinary organs was ascertained to be

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lays, — from July to December) after possible intercourse could be the child

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projected plans were conservative, it was surprising that the commissioner should suddenly

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