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48, 1 111. — Porter (W. H.) The etiology and pathology

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thirty-five years of age, very anaemic, badly nour-

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of a man in whom, after amputation of the toe, the condition con-

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stitute with the full co-operation of the patient. This

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death, pneumonia being second with only 35 to its credit. Investi-

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tions which will be made of the technic of Sphygmobolometry it also

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roughened. The nose is small. The Skin has a slight dirty yellowish

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at once destroys its connection with the cutis, and the perspira-

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The proi^nosiB of Distoma hepaticum is absolutely fatal, and the treat-

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impression on the swellings, which, when I saw them, were very

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ously insisted. Only a positive blood examination, by excluding

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these slides, over other methods previously employed, it

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of the obliquity of the line of fracture il is swollen and painful, and if the pressure

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an animal seen a few hours before apparently in good health is

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ficial lymph- vessels at 1 a white, injected network of veins, the smallest

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efforts of surgeons misdirected, by applying measures exclusively

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Addis 13 believes that the abnormality of hemophilic blood is to be

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S/31 Delayed Complications of Snowmobile Injuries Due to Blunt Trauma

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liver oil. As phthisis is preeminently a wasting disease, it is highly

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been obtained. In cases where we have a diffuse red-

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cured, it was greatly through the courage and enter-

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lished in a Medical contemporary, in which he somewhat

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to follow may be. combated with eserine. A few cases of cataract,

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substitute food from the start it is the universal experience that

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r-;''ul In.. M,h-,d,,,n k■^,„.nt,ui^., ,!,.„,,. Tlicv .uppl..„u-n, ihoani,,,,

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(Peyer) and in women affected with uterine disease, and is often observed

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series. Zenoni's work may be mentioned as one of the

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movable uterine fibroid ; secondly, that there was at least one

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rheumatic fever which Dr. Gardiner has usually fol-

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cated by the aorta to a small tumor situated over it. This

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face concave and prevents calculus slipping out when the

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of eindermis was always abundant and, so far as regards the appear-

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An Army Medical Board will be in session in Washing-

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teach the science as well as the art of medicine. Dr. Kellow impressed

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