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sically other than by the frequency and wave length. The
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tounderstand the improvement I have effected, as well be nearer the truth to compare it with a very large,
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he asked that it might be sent back to him for correction or
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]Many chronic cases begin acutely and continue so for some little while.
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only play with it. They have the patient inhale oxygen for five or
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them after having modified the gases of the blood. When
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the bones. In such cases the exposed and partly caseous bony ends are
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aspects, upon which the grasses are short, thus providing no
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the depth and extent of each puncture vary also, according to
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further examination with oblique light and with the opthalmoscope
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climates. Anti-diphtheria serum, liquid or dried, is no7a supplied in
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the ventricles are vigorously emptying themselves the auricles are
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soda increases the excretion of uric acid. Phosphate
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for Nasal Obstruction due to Narrowed Nasal Passages.
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hours before death. "The post-mortem showed as healthy a body as it was
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Local anesthesia, — ^Under certain conditions, notably when the pa-
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edly involve the same special cause, and they are controUeil by the same
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each hourly striking of the clock, with due caution, however,
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by natives, that they were fometimes obferved in the other ex-
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the pulmonary circulation. Residence in a rarefied atmosphere increases
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the kidneys, and they do what they can to relieve the trouble,
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sional capacity, office No. 469, Grand Street, N. Y. a
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Symptoms. — Tumors of the mid-brain are usually unilateral, and
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examination of the formulae given by the people who
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small-pox at times when there were scarcely 100 deaths from it
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Sang, lymph, temperament. Previous occupation, labourer. Has
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days without inspection, unless there was a rise of temperature.
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favour of the existence of some form of Bright's disease amongst patients
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590 " Myalgia " — Its Diagnosis in Forivard Areas
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early postoperative regime are established. Isolation, careful moni-
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the extraction, which failed, and at the same time the child was
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lesion, and give the patient the chances of reduction before the age of 6.
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smooth muscle-fibers are similar to those of the cardiac muscle, and
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and fatal syncope is the result. Many cases of sudden death formerly
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avoided, or employed with great caution. The diet should be mainly
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371 cases were treat etl by resection with icnloform plugging, 07 under 10
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than we realize. I have seen it in two other cases of pneumonia.

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