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strangulation of the inverted portion. Bishop, in 1885, devised

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national courtesy, etc . cannot be other than perni-

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67 per month ; a colonel retired for age, seventy-five per

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during the prevalence of small ix)x the local authorities could order

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the neck, corresponding with the size of the cord, and this was paler than the

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thyroid artery in its usual locality. It was not found at the outer

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ing General, Military Division of the Pacific and Depar^

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nance of one. It is very evident that the parasites have a tendency

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In Vienna, of which Professor Rokitansky has direction, to ascertaia the causes of

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Sarcoma cannot be distinguished from carcinoma by the clinical syniploins.

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well known that while some specimens are very fatal

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the reader that the author of this apparently plausible

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the disturbance and perversion of the functions of the cerebro-spinal system.

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and Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philidelphia,

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and it would seem that the same point of view should obtain in the

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and pregnant women. It is believed to be acquired by the children bein<^

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spite of the most attentive and judicious treatment.

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lesion; energetic massage is mentioned by Gussenbauer.

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giving names they are called to this day ; in many other regions he

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young adult cystic fibrosis patients (ages 15-26 years), many of whom

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to fix the knee joint. Five days later the tempera-

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typhoid fever had been aborted, but he thought that be

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of organization, and how far, on the other, it has partaken in the fibrous

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The modern surgeon needs no elaborate keep it constantly bathed in warm saline

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mortar of a rough-cast wall ; thus constituting a firm mass, and giving

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with other exanthemata to forbid generalization. I have myself

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grey material can be distinguished. A few hours later (some-

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much confided in also as a discutient in all scrofulous tumors when

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mercurial course. All the patients were adults suffering from

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doses than are required by the mouth, it seems probable

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Company have informed us that they have established temporary

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F.ugenics Review. Part I. in Vol. vi, No. 1. .\pril, 1914;

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the dysentery of sucking calves, and those of Zschokke, Hess,

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point to a decrease of insanity in the countrj' during the war;

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fickle art. Do you think that the physician was satisfied in learning

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