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of this association ; provided such graduates are licentiates of

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institutions on the point. AVe should think that the Governors

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from this mile post in the country scholar's life, we found

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cancer being present ; the urine also was highly albuminous. Her

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that the poison does not reach the liver by the portal circulation, since

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Fig. H is a small aspirating cannula w ith a trocar, made so

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ficial lymph- vessels at 1 a white, injected network of veins, the smallest

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seconds; but fifteen seconds more made all the difterence. The

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which it would be exceedingly inconvenient and much

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ticularly noticeable in thin, dyspeptic patients, where there may

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stomach-wall of CuUces fed on bird's blood containing these para-

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Battey's operation, in cases where life was endangered by hemorrhage,

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latest manikin pleased me more than any I had previously seen.

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1. Otitis media is an extremely frequent disease in

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considerable time since on pus, I found, that when treated with

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but the majority of the old doctors, instructed by experience, believed

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all breast-nursed infants the stomach was empty two hours

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Subfamily IleptajMebomyince. — Genus 1 : Heptaphlebomyia: Dis-

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placed it, aided in all probability by its own weight. N^ow

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mechanical or physical conditions, in which plain, inductive rea-

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rnn jxKssess to aid him in the pursuit of this delightliil

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inches from each point of intended resection. The mes-

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NussB.'iUM's Treatme.nt of Can'cer. — Prof. Nuss-

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(e) Glycosuria in Pregnancy and the Lying-in State. — Sugar occurs

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symptom. The symptoms vary according to the seat of the

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lata. In certain cases where a tumour is present an arti-

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will be found of use by the practical man, as it is more suited

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rupture or avulsion of the innominate artery. J. Thorac. Cardlovasc. Surg,

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duty to hush these notes of warning; on the other hand, if we realize

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Condyloma. — Amongst the most characteristic of all the lesions of

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a fiord relief. Three weeks after, it was again resorted to, the bowels

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relieved of this most troublesome disorder by the agency

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