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Prophylaxis. — When plague is suspected an early diagnosis is all-
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diagnostic techniques can be used effectively before or in
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poison which can be obtained by pulverizing the trenia with sand
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I in the following quotation from Dr. Osier's paper on "Medicine
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ing a firm hold on tissues, ligatures, sutures, instruments and
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which were uniformly and considerably atrophied. In short, the foci of disease
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man. It is the rankest empiricism and furnishes the platform for all
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condition, and may serve to establish a correct diagnosis; although this
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the Grovpth together with Portions of the Carotid Ar-
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years ago, viz : That cow's milk diluted, with or without the
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that of the patient's serum and the control was 92 and the index hence 1.21,
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is present in sufficient amount to entirely mask all
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doses of cascara sagrada and of nitro-bydrochloric acid too large,
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influenced by the coexistent quartan. It is worthy of note that the
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suffered from pelvic cellulitis or peritonitis, or per-
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lems. Coverage of the distal third of the tibia, as in grade 3 to
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Home's method in two, and the method of vaccination in two, the
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was found between this and like researches made a short
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Period of Incubation, — The period elapsing between the en-
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decision. Poultices were ordered to bring the abscess to matu-
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the cases, in which neither Opium nor Tobacco was resorted to, Mercury being given
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tail, the hair immediately above the tuft of the tail is clipped for a width
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in the world of life." Misconception of the facts in physiology
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New York during the year 1889, according to a summary
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larly aifected, but to a loss extent, its greatest diameter being
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equivalent to inteliigence to direct the one how to become an oak and the
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Case IV.— Albert J. H. (1522); admitted March 30, 1904; age 69 years.
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If he answer in the negative, why desire " legislative interposition" to
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siderable dilatation of the left ventricle, which predominates over the
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eral anasarca. There was fluid in both pleural cavities, the pulse
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foal is sometimes born with a few stripes on its forelegs, as if remind-
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deputy has " viewed the remains." This is doubtless well
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D. The fourth area has been to provide a "sterile diet" for use by the

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