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have had good health, robust men often somewhat corpulent being not
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Since the right auricle takes part in all these cases in the same manner, we
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His powers of mind remained un weakened to the very last. He was
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tracting moderately and the other but slightly. The vigorous contractions of
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Newcastle-on-Tyne, of cases of intestinal obstruction operated upon by Mr. Morison
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the stool is usually veiy easily ascertained. For, if the
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afternoon of the 16th, when he had taken twelve doses of this mixture,
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inabondance except in abnormal conditions. Subacute inflammation of
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first night he refused to take it regularly. He was con-
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into the component parts of the animal frame." He intends
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want is evidenced by the fact that this is the fourteenth
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Belgium. A few jaws have been found at Clichy, Arcy, and other
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Eramination of the Patient. — The scapulas are pulled
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month. He will attend the British Medical Association meeting
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makers' and saddlers' shops and others, where leather is
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to aspirin, iodides, or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents.
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Akgus, Georoe, lato of the Bengal Medical Ser^-ice, at 13, Golden-square,.
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administration of bichloride of methylene, and which is
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tion of argent, nitras (Sss-f^j) was applied freely to the fauces and epiglottis,
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to arrest hemorrhage are indicated when this occurs. Additional measures
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of benzoyl acetyl peroxide. The intermediate formation of benzoyl acetyl
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pears at the margin of the fluid. Boas states that the test is
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desire of notoriety, or selfishly sagacious enough to see the occasional
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wrists and on the trunk of the body, and lastly on the lower ex-
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thrown out of vehicles ; they land on the shoulder, and the
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upon it. Let us consider the history of our knowledge of the
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able. The affection does not tend to disorganize the kidneys. It is a
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of rabies occurs. The wholesale destruction of dogs sometimes seen is
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synchronously with the hypogastric muscles, are relax-
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ing, all the nerves of the diseased organs, might bring on hysteriform phenomena ;
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Hoeve that if a fissure is the cause of a division of the lacrimal

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