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effusion, too, in the chest, it would be as well to

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reapi^eared in the axilla and disappeared at the back. The

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in the brain. Attention should therefore be paid to

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per 10,000 population at this age, whereas the forty-nine cases in the

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brain tumor successfully operated upon were reported

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of the bladder. In some cases this dissection is very easy; in others,

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handling and usage that will save this country from

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obtained as in 3 and 4. If the cerebrospinal fluid is to be used, it is withdrawn by

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Aninquiiy by the agents of the Privy Council had already been

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inal and oifenses that do not offend are created every year

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ia order to meet some of the wants, ably urged by the President

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From no known cause, since his fourth month, has had from two or three

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received mention in the text-books, which as a rule paraphrase the

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attacked when engaged in labor, but there are exceptions to this rule. Dr.

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it were a mere matter of opinion whether they are really deleterious sob-

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State Medical Society to visit their exhibit in booths Nos.

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rather to introduce the topic for discussion, and to

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your columns how many buffered through the defective ariange-

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tried in this country and in England with varying suc-

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suspected) submitted to vigorous males, abortion subsequently resulting.

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non-pignieuted parasites ; Figs. 10-32, Parasites in process of development, pig-

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realized. He left the city and went to the Adirondacks.

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Note: President Dettmann's full statement appears elsewhere

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iidlxTin^ to the oM inctliod in onst-s wlurc this iijrtli<'<l

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large fan-shaped bodies blacken intensely under the influence of

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cation concerning continuance of the phallic cult in cert»in parts

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will be considered in sections corresponding to the groups just ennme-

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1.— Breast Milk and Cow's Milk.— C. G. Kerley, A. H.

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besides these two sets of longitudinal fibres^ and the series that pass tranwereefy through the

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found, several being double. They ranged from a point about 30 in.

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no urgent symptoms, and a statement that he was convalescent from

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between the incisor and the eye teeth. There was mod-

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Better. From this time she improved until 5th mo. 9th, when she was de-

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of this acid is, as it is combined with lyime. Magnesium or Iron,

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Wochenschrijt) upon the pathology of the cervical sym-

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rachitb. Doubtless this estimate is too high, and entirely at variance with

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