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facts will show you how far we are behind New Zealand, which country is our chief
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which 1 saw in the Chicago Stock yards, through the
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drainage of the sac of the dura. The meningitis had devel-
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The important part of this case amounts to this : I examined
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tain appearances indicative of vigorous peristaltic contractions,
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somewhat empyreumatic, bitter taste, and this is the general
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It is now accepted that (1) the mean systolic blood
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Appointments. — Dr. C. M. Stewart, of Toronto, has been
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ing force into sensation. Corti's organ, with its three
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subjects without oral symptoms, dental signs, and x-ray
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there are neither hyperalgesia nor other physical signs.
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vivid conceptions of natural scenery. It is scarcely necessa-
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tion. It was not necessarily a fatal disease; there were
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the atmosphere of the yard ? It was a yard in which a good deal
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femoral branch. The patient had been engaged making steam boilers, and
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Klein inoculated calves with virus from these cow?, and
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the rej)resentativc of the entire disease, and so addresses his
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these slides, over other methods previously employed, it
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the action of light in the eruption of smallpox. The effect is
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caustic treatment should be followed by poultices to hasten the
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ment in the appearance is noted, rapid cicatrization follows,
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proteids may be reduced by the proper amount of exercise. Exces-
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ousy is cruel as the grave, and envy like rottenness of bones."
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and especially to premature labor: it causes prema-
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to so arrange that the work other than the purely scientific part of the So-
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cannot say whether these slight adhesions were the cause of
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this year that we learned the full significance of the
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can in case of the projected occupation of any site
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would seem to indicate that the surface of the body is more or
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age, breed, and state of nutrition of the infected animal. In
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• For the smallest practice to the largest clinic
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in treatment, there is no doubt, I think, that by careful, pains-
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1957. Butterworth, Thomas, 411 Walnut St., Reading, Pa.
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calls * the middle propositions,' or, as Mr. Mill calls
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profession to a higher and better life and spur on the great

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