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The virus is probably contained in the excretions from the thrtMxi, nose, or «r,
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which each possesses. The external surface of each rod is convex, so that
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Street from September, 1911, to March 18, 1912, and after March this
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ments were used at the hospital. Amongst them he observed his colleague,
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of meningitis which gradually got well after the removal of
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nected witli A|)ollo, are represented watching, like the
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post-mortem examination reveals the fatal lesion in the suprarenal capsules.
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be assayed by official processes given for that purpose. Chem-
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cussing them. I am willing to let the cases go as they
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causing anything of this kind ; but in some cases the history of exposure to
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content of chromophil substance in the cell, and hence
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toward symptoms have not been noticed. — Therapeutiscfie Monat-
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Collodion in Certical Adenitis. — Dr. Tournie strongly recommends
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Thelaine yields a sublimate with as much ease as morphine or strych-
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clinic with icterus, excessive ascites (which required repeated tapping),
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that all excreta should be submitted to chemical or other action, by. which they
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perfect science. It is of especial interest just now, as
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1896, vii, 15: 37; 85; 112; 139; 158; 207; 253. . Oph-
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of rennin, thereby becoming capable of precipitating paracasein.
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such as frequent micturition, may be among the bad habits of
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invented, the delivery. The patient was placed under his
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the New York Orthopaedic Hospital and Dispensary. The former institution
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professing the dogmas of the schools of sectarian med-
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this rule of checking the indications of the pulse with
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ginia. After stating that, by the request of the man-
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and trials of a life not too full of sweetness, the
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Enteritis (inflammation of the bowels) is a rather frequent complica-
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Maguire, Edward O'Reilly P. & S„ N. Y., '98 Derby.
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know to succeed brilliantly in empyema, be applicable i(y
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in 30 parts of water is also a good disinfectant, and has the added
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expressed, when he says any case of glycosuria may end in diabetes.
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