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evidently originated in the fact of its being" peculiarly incidental

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flavor. A little port wine may be added if desirable.

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flrength j urine turbid. Ordered to continue the faline mix-

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carotid pressure. The phrenic nerves were cut as far down as possible, and a low

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warty development, and epithelioma are other very rare accidents.

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39. Yi), T. F. AND (.i i man. A. B.: Study of the para-

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dents occur on the front and sides with infrequent penetra-

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arise among the medical men who are so employed, than from any

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months to twenty-two years. Their curves had existed from six

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sion, presenting a shadowed spot in its centre. Occasionally, before the

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cidental thereto. Of these at least 48 probably did not die as a direct

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squamous and mastoid portions of the bone. The removal

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daring very cold weather, uid may be heated by a hot air

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Beitr. z. Path. u. Physiol., Berl., 1878, iii, 482.— Tynipa-

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sense of taste was abolished on the affected side ; and the pos-

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ject by Dr. A. Weber, in a paper in the ' Archiv fur Ophthalmolo-

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Lacerated Perinaeum.— Dr. A. P. Dudley read a pa[)er with

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Syvtptovis. — Are dullness, indisposition to move, uneasiness,

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have been employed for fourteen days or so, he may perceive, when discharging

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clinical conclusions can as yet be drawn, since we do not know the determining factor

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An organ immobilized by any pathological cause what-

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cases the index finger should, without force, reach

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often more pronounced on one side than the other. In many cases thb is oo

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a complete medical education. Their pupils will have access to the medical and surgical practice of

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admirably exhaustive series which have opened such won-

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Mr. Koenig reported that federal HMO regulations were

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The cord tissue itself is not sensitive to pain, as far as I have been

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temporary philanthropists (for the love of human and brute

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Vitality, Bulletin No. 30, 1909, National Conservation Commission.

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♦bleeding over bridge of nose. Also discolouration appeared

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a spica bandage. There is no reaction, and the oper-

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lates at another time, but in too small numbers to cause a paroxysm.*

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prevent dilatation by maintaining compensatory hypertrophy

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of dyspeptic disease in the masses, and disorder the stomach, generate acid gases

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