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stage is comparatively easy, but in the preparalytic

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12. MARIE, P. Soc. med. des hdpitaux, 1893. 13. MOTT, F. W. Brain, vol. xviii.

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the right with the head backward produces nystagmus to the right.

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of cases, immediately and effectually check the hemorrhage."

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tree can be transmitted to the seed thereof. The child becomes

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the time they most frequently occur. In uraemic convulsions

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therapeutics by the use of caoutchouc in the treatment

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In the case of a 9-year-old child with pericardial effusion and rapid re-

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endeavours to bring out the thread at the gastric fistula. A stronger

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observed with respect to these organs, admit of an easy and

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soon [M-oduced nausea and vomiting, and the salts were re-

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physiological action of the medicine, and the other

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when the forearm is fiexed at right angles with the

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should be lessened, and afterwards a tonic with Quinine, Acid Nitro-

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came to the United States in 1873, settling in New York

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Unfortunately the determination of the specific gravity and the

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ciuiescence. We might add a third class of observers

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transverse diameter becoming at the same time smallep, and the

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This was administered between 9 and 10 A. M. The average duration of the

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duction of influenza into Australia in 1891, and into the harbors and

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with the man, under the impression that he had a case which might

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kind, and so reports himself now, but refuses cystoscopic or other ex-

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the patient from any cause is unable to swallow, it

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two or three individuals. The extreme debility and emacia-

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with every year of life, as well as to the enjoyment of pleasure, rest,

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But war is war. If it can not be altogether prevented, then the sooner it is

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furnish carefully revised lists, set by the Mergenthaler Linotype Machine, and printed

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for the flooding and offensive discharge on May 19. when there

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HuTTON, W. H. H., Surgeon. To proceed from Washington,

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From the Pulmonary Disease Section, Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center, Los Angeles.

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gastric uneasiness, rejected by vomiting. The characters of the vomited

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home when the craving for familiar scenes appears to

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the pimrvnx, mid \M\\i nf ii dilTfii-nl coUtr I'loni tlio ri'st of the

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tinctly on the opposite side, as may be shown by observing the weights

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