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Of the influence of an alkali in promoting chemical action, many

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the duodenum excites the flow of bile from the gaJl-bladder and biUary

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pass, and there must be increase in the amount of blood coming from

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haemoglobin commences before the eruption, and continues to the end of

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was formed at the base of the second toe of the foot first

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50,000 inhabitants, beautifully built, on the shore of the Medi-

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cipal officers of the institution, a select number of governors,

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the profession generally. Still, as a nervine, the medi-

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tate. The prostate gland, which encircles the urethra

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a commercial and shipping center for the surrounding farming district.

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on thd'nnnali >n of ciliated inlo .stratitied epithelium

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can be extracted from the pericarp of rice or outer layers of the

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of mates, even though females received drug only during last third of pregnancy

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18///, A. M , pulse 18, resp. 20, temp. 97^° ; evening temp. 98^°.

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examination and pay a fee of $20.00 for the use of the

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the liver from right to left with an eight-inch long

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not the slightest foundation for my suspicion, and even when confronted

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of arteriosclerosis, because it was almost constantly as-

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fever, during which the nurse administered it by mistake. The

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quite a lump in the region of the wound. Later in the day the sutures

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The second case occurred in a young girl of eighteen years

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to make a prognosis in any given case. Statistics are

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spherical bodies similar to those of tertian, from which they differ

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1993 West Virginia State Medical Association’s WESPAC Contributions

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The Michigan Medical Neivs., a semi-moTithly medical jonmal,

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knowledge of the person seeking the same and making the af-

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moveable. The uterine sound would not enter. The bladder was too

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ingly applied, bearing in mind the danger from the absorption of a

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as those sudden and dangerous states of intoxication from over-doses of the

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