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to Jacksonian epilepsy and the situation of the leg centre.

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syphilitic induration and the primary syphilitio ulcer. To the latter

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The importance of securing to children, in their studies, suitable light

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rung des Baarseiles in der Angenheilkunde. Centiiilbl.

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It remains to say that catarrh, in the sense in which the word is em-

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M.D. {Times, June 3, 1 882), promises good results,

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" Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion " was the

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appendicular processes have neither been excelled, nor as yet even

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Professor of Midwifery and Diseases of Women at University College. Third

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Another frequent cause of paralysis in acute cases is the neglect of early

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and character. Ra2:)id proliferation of the cells of the cylindrical epi-

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missible prevented the Surgeons from determining. There

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up of the urinary passage. Where there had been some

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arrested in all stages of their progress, by cretaceous transformation, in

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portion of the tongue and floor of the mouth. At the suggestion of Dr.

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for adults, and proportionate doses for children. The ointment

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for, in common with other observers, I am satisfied that

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injury to the left thumb which was swollen, painful and accompanied by symp-

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infected animal may take place directly or indirectly through

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1 six commanding medical officers of the regular establish-

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Our experiments were confined to a comparison of the influence

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almost equal basis, German soldiers began using the

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2. At such levels of blood urea definite symptoms occur. These

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every instant. I should have shown that this accommodation

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systolic mitral murmur was heard, while later there developed

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pitals, during the month of February, 597 accouche -

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important as a necessary foundation of all stable progress, is the increas-

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will be noticed that while the aortic semilunar valves

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sity), late Obstetrician to Columbia Hospital for Women, etc. 436 pp. Price

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than the quantity restored, the patient unconsciously using up a

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ganizing Committee before January 1, 1900, and abstracts or

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uous textures, and then and there has run the ordinary course of

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abstaining) either in doors or out of doors, according to circumstances,

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attacked may present the same form of disease of the nervous

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