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it to remain as long as he could bear it. Continue all the reme-

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nitrites, such as the nitrite of amyl.nitro-glycerine, and

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albicantes over the sides of the abdomen, which appear in many pregnant

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them up to Montreal, and along the lakes with the steamers that trans-

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The Secretary, Dr. Percy Brown, read the minutes of the

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Section j. — If this Committee fail to report within the

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with extracts from this material in treating the pol)aieuritis of fowls

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The day following the mind had further improved, and the

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ready for these additional patients. The committee of the

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Rectory, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, at only .50 inch on, however, 15

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et de fifevre typhoJde cbez lea onvriers en cuivre de Ville-

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and then the wicks are turned down as low as possible.

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greaitly debilitated people, and then again it is just a "leetle

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crystals produced by the action of carbazotic acid on morphia

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wlien the (piestioti of malignity arises^" the speaker thought

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he be so blind as not to perceive at once, the chief and most potential

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tion increased during that decade at the rate of 30-09 per

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Jones, E. A.: Goals for our next fifty years. J. Amer. Diet. Ass .

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The intestinal mucous membrane is often swollen and softened.

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stagnation of the fluid portion of the blood in the superficial capillaries. It is

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More extended information will be found in Zambaco's prize

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mate nature, and which preserves its existence for many years, in spite

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trephine buttons to make it complete. The book is quite cleverly written

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it is probably then either congenital or due to an intrinsic tendency in the

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members of the Daughters of the American Revolution,

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100,000 marks by the German government for this service.

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"advancements of mankind move slowly, and the science of medicine has not

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recreation, or finally the faulty construction of his dwelling

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,1 „ U I .V ., ' ■ f. ■.Hill. -Ill ,11 1|„. „, „,,.|,,,-

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times puriform. Cruveilhier had described ampulla-like dila-

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vides that the nature of alcoholic drinks and narcotics, and

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*An NCI-supported agency located at 1200 Jefferson Street, Wilmington,

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