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simple uterine trouble. Incomplete curettage is quite as dangerous as

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that these instructions are carried out. The shoe itself should be

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countries, and increases in virulence as the temperature of the

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on the fifth; 1 on the seventh; in the remaining cases the time is

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water, plain or alkaline, without discomfort. Vomiting was never ex-

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the appetite, but "the extractives of meat are incapable either of building

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Enlarged Tonsils. — Sometimes the tonsils remain perma-

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the duties of coroner for a county would be held as disqualifying for

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It should not be possible for a county society to cast an un-

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to humanity," it must in this respect be placed in the same

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glucose disappears with the patient on a non-carbohydrate diet, the case

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presenting an analysis of 500 cases of stone in the

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ISTawrotzky observed, in his experiments on rabbits, a marked

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Kiilnefl reaches the following conclusions : i. The cord

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to produce flexion of the head. If, in the same circumstances, the

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because they are common, they cease to interest the

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of a millimetre for man, and .0073 for the dog. I find, in his original paper,*

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One of the idiots died and the cerebellum was found in a pro-

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Gebiete d. Pharmacie \. d. J. 1849-1868 im deutschen Bucli-

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subcultured frequently, often, however, intervals of two months

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operation having been effectively performed. The idea that the co-

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faculty. Length is distance from one end to the other ; breadth, width,

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care of a nurse, and was advised to keep quiet, as I had a peptic

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organ, or, in other words, a sound-dulling, rather than a sound-transmitting, appa-

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lessness, mental confusion, melancholy, slovenliness, and moral obtuseness

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the latter also being apparent earlier than in typhoid fever. Remittnt

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evident in all cases; by the use. however, of a jtroper speculum the skilful prac-

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especially among the early English Avriters, were i^orrigo larvalis,

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with nausea, and an expression of anxiety or apprehen-

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