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Missouri Medical College. Sixty 3 T oung doctors received their
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the place of the Medical Society in co-operative medi-
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were 1,703 graduates for the region and 3,078 western in-
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malaria was transmitted to the human subject by mos-
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at -^o . This is the form in which the alcohol is usually marketed.
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288.) Cardiac rales are most frequently systolic when the lung, partly
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tolerant. It should be remembered, however, that the
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prominent feature in the disease as occurring in Boston
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does not, as usually stated, give rise to having been present. Walcher found that
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and died suddenly after 40 minutes of etherization. The thymus
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disfigured in consequence of this extreme development of nasal exan-
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lous process. No doubt there exists a very interesting difference in the
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original anii proper term, Vwxina, which may be fnund in mo-t of the
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successful in some cases, and he showed a convenient small
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cach. With pituitary extract the multi- tive measures. The late Dr. Turner, the
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cases in which, apparently, the lesion was slight, the diminution of
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who have intermarried less with other races than those of Central Europe.
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inspection of all wards and quarters at such times as the surgeon may direct,
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.1 ation to obscure the diagnosis of its presence by abdominal
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rec&ted as speedily as possible ; the patient may be placed in great danger
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ready to burst, whenever it had a paroxysm of coughing. It
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thickening of the vessel walls, destruction of glomeruli, and more or
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Kational Provisional Commission. This commisaion should iu-
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follows that the use of that drug, or any preparation containing it,
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pain, together with disease of limited extent, involving,
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Table 13 — Hospitalization Data as of 29 June 1945
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4 eic, H. 6 hig, B. 7 to ip. fm. b., O. 8 -ban, B.; wlban, O.
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Books for review, and all communications relating to the columns of the journal, should be
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B. Hartvvell, a homoeopathic physician, who put it in
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setts Temperance Society, a situation which he still continues to hold
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ily meets with a reastance proportionate to the inherent
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to themselves in cleverness ; they are always in debt, and always sinking
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the case in September, to my surprise, I found a rather exten-
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2. Sal ammoniac i oz., vinegar 5 oz., spirit of rosemary 1

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