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TO LET : — A small suite consisting of two offices

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with lactation and pregnancy, which was formerly so common in Paris, is

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afford the basis for a grouping of individuals which should be taken

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is to be operated on in the lateral position, the af-

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stands at the head of this article, is one which deserves this

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in addition to the salvarsan, the remaining treatment and

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of this deformity. " Any constant pressure on the spine

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placed upon the induction apparatus correspond to entirely different

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branched about midway its course into another cul de sac, which

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practitioner will find all the essentials needed for dealing efficiently with

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whelming evidence. Its poison is carried by the atmosphere, and is

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In trying to select a needle-holder which would combine

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The treatment of acute lobar pneumonitis in children involves the same

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up for fifteen days, and the patient made a satisfactory

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interest in the establishment of a Greek school, I say :

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or somatose, S-to-7-per cent, solution ; neither was

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Mr. J. P. Shepherd, on or before March 6. Election on the same day.

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recovered. At the present time he is free from complaints of any

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If it be difficult to define the limits of rheumatism, even when the joints

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i. e., in the pericardium or its immediate neighborhood. They in-

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cerebro-spinal system, recognizable after death ; and the cerebral and reflex symptoms

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until tilien, must be left to the personal feeling and ex-

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attack, or better able to resist the disease should the attack

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abdominis. Tenderness was also present, to a less extent, in the loin

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From a tuberculous ulcer the diagnosis is not so easy. While tubercle

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the slight pressure communicated through the column of air

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change in the bylaws and will be presented to the House

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coat with chocolate and sugar, and wrap in tin foil.

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All the newspapers that Whittier edited had to be aban-

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abdomen. The child and uterus, cflified together, were fent to

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