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Males are much ofteiler affected than females. Of 906 aneurisms
syndrome antabuse definition
infants, ^ to 1 ounce (15 to 30 mils), warmed, about one
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inspection of all wards and quarters at such times as the surgeon may direct,
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are primary splenectomy should be indicated. Never-
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governed by the sum of my experience. And the sum of my
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the cause of vaccinia and variola than the cytoryctes. The virus is
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Her complexion florid, hair fair, eyes blue, skin dry and moist-
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been used the ends of which would have been cut short.
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our own country this revolution was initiated by Jacob
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year previous from phthisis ; the last few months of
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from another, two or three^ years ; from all, or almost all, sometning.
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class of remedies extensively used in fever and. other complaints, and
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Thus the danger of flooding the ground is obviated and underground
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Lond., 1895, iii, 112-114.— Ellis (T. S.) The human foot;
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tunate difference of opinion between two practitioners caused great delay. Peri-
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Sequel to Case II. — J. H. has presented himself occasionally
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faces, the same as M. E. Connell used throughout his method.
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white scales. To assist our diagnosis we must bear in mind
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atomy appears. Whether the origin of the leucocytes be
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Case XXVIII.— November 13, 1899, Mrs. G., aged 35,
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organism may after all require its presence for some other as yet undiscovered
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impression on the swellings, which, when I saw them, were very
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symptoms quite different from the ordinary stimulant and narcotic
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others should be employed. After recording experiments on the
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calomel and a scruple of jalap. A blister was applied to
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present, a bright red band is formed at this internal edge of the
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doctors it would take to make a scholar? He replied, just as many as it
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hematuria, melena, and gingival hemorrhages follow. Icterus is
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getting ready for a celebration. Isolation from contact
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and died in a profoundly uremic condition . At the postmortem examination
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arranged in groups, each group being surrounded by a special capsule. Cultur-
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