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improvement and the relief gained were matters of surprise to

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ling feeling is observed, and gives the idea, i wire seton, and with very satisfactory re-

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tally to produce in animals by ligature of one of the

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— Vomiting and staggering as he walks. 3.53. — Convulsed. 3.57.

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13. Good serviceable horses will be used for the ambulances and transport

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large quantity of sharp angular fragments of bone. Thus the

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two, this is the measure of strength suitable for dis-

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father's field. A few years ago I was called to visit this

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abdomen. The child and uterus, cflified together, were fent to

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14th.— -Continues nearly as yesterday ; bowels well purged ;

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In the third stage (period of remissions) the lymphocytes are frequently in-

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siderable emaciation occurred, and little food was taken. The condition of

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see later on to be of the greatest surgical (c) A gall-bladder situated within the

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waters, and a temperature of 126° F., in which the

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ascended through the roof. Such vestiges, however, are soon

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pulse 110, of good volume and force, respirations 30. He vom-

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If after this process the urine still exhibits a tendency to left-handed rotation,

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of unagglutinated corpuscles which appear in the circulation follow-

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to get a reliable history from patients ; in some, this arises

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anaphylactogenic proteoses and with beef serum. Species specificity, how-

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of the globe, run its course without pain. "With Graefe's operation,

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Xo alterations have been made in the weig hts and measures

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malaise, compelling a return to the bed. During the febrile stage there are

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6. A man, aged twenty-two, was admitted under the care of Dr

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As to the management of cases like his own, Charles Lamb says :

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should occasionally show the evidences of marked and

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treasurer and librarian of the Barnstable District Medical So-

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work, in relation to the prognosis, deserves atten-

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shipment by disinfecting and wrapping as above, may be placed in a

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A further objection is the limitations to which curette-

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and two metatarsal bones." This operation is called resectio

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Analysis of the statistics according to the organ in-

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in length, perforated in the center with a threaded hole into which the

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