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mortality that the day, we believe, is not far distant,

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Although its deviser, Haighton, was a co-lecturer with Lowder, Mulder's

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The patient was a large, well-developed man, who had never

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is practically abandoned. On the strength of these representa-

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the jejunum and open to the left side of the patient, was made

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a large number of cases whii^h serve to exhiljit in a more or less

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to married women, it has been met with in chaste single women. More-

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diminution in the quantity of renal substance, produced by removal of

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strikingly the Hippocratic system differs from that of all other

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tolerant. It should be remembered, however, that the

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statement that all his cases died within a year; and in

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tion occurred four months before admission, and she had been in pain

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there was none. The opening healed in three months after the

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but not prolonged tryptic digestion. When serum is dried and carefully

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in a sling upon the third or fourth day : it thus enables us to

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up a considerable portion of the day. The perspirations have marly disappeared. The

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purchased by us at the National Academy for $1,000. It is our purpose to exhibit the

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well as causes an excessive lochial discharge, and these com-

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ponchel. Grippal Pneumonia, Bull, de la soc. med. des hop., p. 40.

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three meals a day are advisable. If a patient have no appetite for break-

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in particular for years. The gentleman, who was the subject of the

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effects is the strange and unfortunate tendency to contraction of the

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the abdominal wall is not too thick, by deep pressure

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may also be found escaping from the anus. More rarely it has been

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the paths of scientific enquiry into natural phenomena.

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may be atherogenic. Dietary cholesterol is found in animal

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The diseased structure however is still susceptible of a return to

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the arrangement of the veins from those parts. This stagnation

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INGESTED foodstuffs are divided into three types—

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that, three weeks previously, she had been seized with

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there is a perfect current of air circulating all round the feet all

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weariness, chilly fits, listlessness of everything around, faintness,

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This test showed no definite asphyxiation effects prior to the*period

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experimental inquiry was entering upon anew epoch. The

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