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tween laboratory results and dairy conditions as shown up by the

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nearly full arm's length the accuracy of the projection was, as might be

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wardness. The rarer ocular defects causing mental de-

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these cases were overlooked. In examining the urine

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26 cc. of a toxic proteose preparation were injected intravenously and at 11.10

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of 56 C. The agglutination test in the case of the tubercle bacillus

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nor would say so ; what I have said on this point in my original

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Admiral Sii- Alexander Milne, relative to the medical

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exceedingly careful that it leaves the battery circuit open,

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1902. North Shore Improvement Association, Report on Plans for the Exter-

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bodies have, and we fear that many of them will have blood to answer

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but, as regards the intervals, cases difier greatly. Successive attacks may

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times that of impetigo or porrigo faciei or capitis.

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we may call a "game of bluff," Mr. Tobin bade his hearers remember that

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of the excretions, we may account for the inordinate deposit

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and four of these were sons of the green-blind woman. The examinations were

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stated that he felt neither relief nor increase of oppression ; at half-

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extract of senega, 80; antimonium and potassium tartrate, 2; precipitated

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1889, xlix, 17.VIS0.— Lathuraz-Viollet (A.) Fracture

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most important varieties were the cretins due to ap-

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drnj:, its adniinislration was sate ; otiierwiso its use should eease.

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menia, which, having been suppressed for many months, not

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Inflammation of the Unimpregnated Uterus. We now pass over to

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the oversight of a routine-practitioner, who fails to comprehend the

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thetic hemiplegia, the phenomena consecutive to the pruritus and

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The value of this antiseptic is found in the large amount of

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to those of his fellow-citizens who may apply for his ser-

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The contents of the pharcmacopeia, so far as they bear di-

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graphical and historical names which he never understood,

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tissue soft and flabby, fibres granular, but no well-marked

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during the day ; local symptoms and signs unchanged ;

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obtained may therefore fairly be taken as positive, in one sense, inas-

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1863 was occupied in preliminary preparations in the bush, and the ratio rose

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almost all ti*)C cases, the body of the uterus remains nearly in its

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occurs," says Hebra (5), " almost exclusively in poor subjects and those ill-

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dies have their advocates and values. The treatment

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de la 8oc. Med. de Reims) reports the case of a young, robust

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experience are apt to be overlooked. So also many pass-

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