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Upon the fourth of January complete apyrexia; upon the fifth of January,

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almost gone, though she could still see objects situated at the side.

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fore. With these interruptions, it was taken three drachms daily,

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' American Journal of Pharmacy, October 1, 1871, p. 450.

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oSep byteppe on bypjincjc 31 peo yp pcillobep jecpe-

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and by any kind of that disturbance which we call functional.

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sinus may take place, with a purulent or mucoid exudation.

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the body at right angles to the legs. These observa-

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Olhers were in the fair morning, with the promise of long years and the

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they hold to each other, becomes of importance. One of the most efficient aids

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1 Read before the Section on Theory and Practice of Medicine. New

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located at the crossroads of Foulk and Grubb Roads in a beautiful

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In the severest cases of the disease, however, all treatment is fdtile ;

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produce this symptom in man, are localized myelitis, tumors

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edema about the testicles and scrotum, the physical examination

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no early symptoms. The first evidence of its presence may be a

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Mansell Moullin maintained the advisability of early oper-

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earnest manner, What One Thing, above tions in each community and intelligently

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not yet been found. Up to the present the bacillus of

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during the fit, rupture of a blood-vessel occurs with effusion into the

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cysts develop only from the inner layer, whereas in the

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further examination. The cardiac sounds were indistinct ; pulse 58, extremely feeble

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and on every ground of justice and expediency they should

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operation which included removal of a stenosis of the esoph-

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York. Illustrated. Second Edition Enlarged. New York. E. B. Treat and Company, 241-

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given, offer a most convincing argument in favor of vaccination.

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diet. There appears to be a general idea can be prevented, bed sores prevented, the

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when caused by frequent use of spirituous liquors, attended with constipa-

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spontaneous nor experimental tetanus develops any agglutinating property

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there was no tubercular lung without Koch's bacillus. But in a little

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bines with oxygen of the oxide, the result is, a combination

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that of any other fever, with languor and debility, anorexia and

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'tinct. ferri perchloridi. Locally, baths containing liq. potassre per-

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mislead the inexpert. Who has not experienced it in the

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