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des grandeurs supposed to be characteristic of general paralysis ; in others

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practised, that it was not unfrequently the case that a visit

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fatality in Dr. Reid's ' Physiological Researches,' p. 521.

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mentioned an analogous case of pulsating exophthalmos from

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found manifested in a higher state than in its presence.

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ing and opacity of the pia arachnoid ; and the sulci present an opalescent

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called the pseudo-hour-glass stomach, which is not a true hour-glass

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frequent constituents of the sediment. The most characteristic objects are

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appearance. There are also sometimes found circumscribed eochymoses

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tending to show that the private interest at stake was not overwhelming. The

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^Vaite «t Bartlett galvanic battery, Gaiffe's galvanometer, Mas-

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or cases which have been successfully treated in the

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or perhaps only a sense of discomfort in the epigastric region, together

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earnestly engaged in, and with all this, some depression of spirits. Such per-

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muscles. The contraction of the muscles, being slow and gentle,

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April 21, 1900), has proved to be a very valuable means of producing

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there is a car running on an iron track, on which the soiled articles are

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are very like crackling rales but are more " sticky." They are

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* " Transactions of the Pathological Society " of London, vol. xxx, p. 511 ; paper by

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The man liaving "Bright's" disease as a result of in-

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then be no bronchial murmur. The sound is the susurrus of

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before they emerge from the cranial cavity. The symptoms will have to

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early in csecal retention before the bowels have moved. The pulse

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plague, were shown, though microscopic examination demonstrated

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nosed. Delay may be followed bv a fatal hemorrhage.

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serving of our praise." — Virginia Med. fy Sur. Jour.

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tion have been especially investigated by Dr. Brinton ; and

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Sicians throughout the world are usin-,{ and praisinB them.

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Pathological Anatomy. — This variety of kidney disease is

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roundings are certain causal and associated conditions, particularly arterio-

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Hydroeephalus. The post-mortem evidence described in this article

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rous granule cells, mixed with broken-down clots of blood, some of which were of a

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densation of the supporting tissue at the expense of the vessels and tubes.

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by experience. Thus in astronomy and geometry is it by experiment and

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readily colored liy reagents. When degeneration sets

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work, eight hours of sleep, and eight hours of recreatio^i, with one

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