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made between the nerve fibres of the wliite matter, and

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the stricture to be located at the cardiac orifice. The ccsopliagoscope, when

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his mate, to the color blindness of an engine driver. (5) A railway collision

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conventional medicine to institute surgery and/or irradia-

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disease. Erb has described a syphilitic spinal paralysis, of which he

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s British Medical Journal, January 12, 1867, p. 31.

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Dr. R., the rupture having taken place while the patient was attended by a

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have been pregnant; there is some evidence, however, that gall-stones

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doubtedly include a large majority of all cases if a careful history were

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seems to have affected the issuing seventh, as there was also conjugate

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and it is ready for use. The internal use of Opium may be called for by

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killed in crossing its bed, were completely tinged with blood, few,

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livid in many parts. The skin was tightly distended with air,

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roughly under the influence of opium, having taken ten grains in

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may be useful in some cases. — American Journa' of the

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The third night, however, there was serious trouble.

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are the first to feel the full effects of the pressure or poison.

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which advice was sought. If, however, a special hour was

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almost uninterrupted, and sometimes watery diarrhoea was added

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dumped in huge piles on uncovered wharves, exposed to

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malignant or syphilitic, are suitable for operative interference.

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roughly removed there is adherent a noteworthy amount of

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vaccination will usually last a lifetime. To overcome an epidemic

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Gaz. d, hop.. Par., 1842, iv, .505. Also, Reprint. — Liipiu-

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and how useful is the method of framing a prognosis on the lines

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experience has at length wrought a widespread belief that to give

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members, and that they should be called upon, annually, to exercise that

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etheriai oil ; along with this he obsenred a pecoliar feeling of lightness of

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scious on the street and was thought to be in a dying condition.

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as P. diffusa or scutata. M'Call Anderson has described as P. rupioides a

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wonderful views to be had from the summit, there is

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became converted, the result of which was a decision to lead a

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that the tubercle bacilli frequently find their way to the mesenteric glands

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moist and flabby; the temperature varying between 99°

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and decreases with the degree of intestinal putrefaction, and hence

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