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measures are practised. Humidity is an important factor in

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destruction of the mechanism as a whole. There may be

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120. — Triple contact beds at Hampton, England . . . 856

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September. He begins by giving an account of himself, and states that

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^uch distended. On cutting the cavities acrol caret llv, The

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Holderer, M. (1909). Compt. rend. d. TAc. d. sc. cxxix. 1153.

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Houston, David W., 44 2d St., Troy, Rensselaer Co. Original.

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fibrous degeneration of the lung, mainly because there is less

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closed area without access to the outer world. These cases

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This is a rare affection (often termed migraine ophthalmoplegique) in

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modes and quantities taken in our country, they are not only unob-

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Remember this: for the knowledge of the senses is the best

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still not be in the internal ear. In a great variety of diseases of the ear

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-ion, upon some organ which it is dcsirahle to atfect, in accordance with

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presents a favorable opportunity for trying the efficacy of emetics, half

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ing, writing, and drawing were never begun before the age of

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the ode may have been written long before, as it follows

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many milkmen at once admit that they are selling milk and

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carotid arteries was uncommonly strong ; the radial

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The result of liiholouiy well performed is most encouraging ; the irri-

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length in comprehensive works on surgery. 1 I shall briefly consider it as

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sleeping naturally, and is presently able to resume ordinary life. Eelapses,

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female of sixteen years. The individual claims to be about thirty years

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be a like increase in cases of trench fever under similar circumstances.

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but gentle pressure by the fingers caused them to sink. It was clear that thel

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pint of water. Six drachms of Sulphate of Zinc and i ounce

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1921. Hunter, Robert J., M.D., Laryngologist Philadelphia

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testimonial. The fund for this will shortly close. I

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