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suspicion of the true nature of the case. On microscopical examination of
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How comes it that the remedy which was effectual in
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painful to pressure ; the constipation becomes more dis-
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sighs ; she had had, she said, " this working of her stomach ,"
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forms certain fasciae, which play an important part in the maintenance and
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making the presentation, the chairman said that we cherished
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the National Educational Association, whose annual meet-
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secondary discriminations of the various modes in which that
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that there is a free communication ; and it is probable that it is so in
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Hutchinson has formulated a more rational and comprehensive
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signs which stand for the ideas they represent ; for example :
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have presumed in this manual boldly to trespass upon the domains
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the blood examination the authors wrote: ^^Wahrend die ganzen
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raila o/iancrei f and dtpewdj tin wu trtt&MCi f[ Cm iviftarn.-
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ner of prescribing in the sales they make. There are
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Among the rest, the reputation for philanthropic interest
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that the shoulder of the writing-arm may work from a fixed point the
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Klein. Volkmann's Samynl. klin. Vortrdge. N. F., 1893, p. 825.
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the coil. It follows from this that the wave is flatter, and that
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has frequently relieved the itching an(f burning when it has been
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As secondary degenerations occur under the same conditions as in
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A cystoscopic examination of the bladder should be made to determine
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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in
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ed to rejxirt their proceedings from time to time, and to take such other
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aspects of the thigh and their tendons were sewed on
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ously arise from real apprehension, patience and forbear-
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years old, and perfectly healthy. She was recommended to apply to
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part devoted to the special examination of the cranial nerves. Here
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Airlines Bldg, 2033 6th Ave, Seattle 98121. (206) 441-
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Mycetoma, a fungus foot (Carter), is common enough in parts of India,
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Epstein *^ gives no etiological data for catarrhal vulvitis
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some hours, this passes off, and there is no reflex sensi-
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