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* Indicates that the specimen was somewhat crushed or flattened,

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namely, to maintain the doses of tuberculin uniformly

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crippled. The action followed as a matter of course. At

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bismuth nitrate and 4 parts of sodium tartrate to 100 parts of an 8 per cent,

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miasmatic disorders is yet so defective that rational therapeutics, based

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tion suppuration is at least very much diminished if not entirely

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the appearances found in the kidneys, and perhaps also the

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difficulties in applying this optical process to forensic investigations. ( See

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directed to have his urine examined again in about six weeks.

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the right heart, oedema of the extremities and viscera may supervene, and

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inquiry soon showed that the wells could not have been

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and the injured ; it regards the injury as bearing most grievously upon

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which classed eczema as a vesicular disease, though the vesicles themselves

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Having spoken of the adulterants, Dr. Edson consid-

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to go over for the sake of the names: first, the cornea,

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which they enjoy an outing of from a day insane, this was done several years ago

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that our drinking-water is polluted, and we cannot but

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the throat had somewhat abated, after spitting much thick

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necessity of enlarging the buildings." The result of this vote

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by their nose, and man by his tongue, the qualities of food fit for them ; but

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necessary to give full security against the infection of

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ical limit." The statistics of those assurance societies which have two

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anteriorly. The existence of nerves in the sclera is

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disputes Dr. Anstie's opinion, that the effects of true stimulants,

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diately behind the ligament of Gimbernat, which may be divided

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to growth on peptone-containing mediums, but also to study the amino-

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same as that recommended for chronic laryngeal catarrh, small as the

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de Beverloo pendant le l'^' semes'tre 1896 dans le service du

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generally a young woman who has become illegitimately

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✓ Our proven track record plus creative flexibil-

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cases do iiol lake a latent course, bill a [x'culiar clinical [)i(;ture

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microbiology, Roux ; the fourth, microbiology applied

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numerable high altitude resorts could and will in time

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the only difficulty found in the operation was the trou-

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tion in society, for Medical men it is not ; and thus the Pro-

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ligament and of a greatly weakened musculature, as indicated by

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