Antabuse Reaction Treatment

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written examinations and twenty-nine through indorsement of

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or a gold medal of that value, was awarded to the author of a dissertation on " the pathology and treat-

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teachers in any township for the same time, was $19.:i5,

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cave toward each other for the purpose of securing in posi-

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tonsils, if skillfully performed, and rtnders ligature of the ex-

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down and the urgent desire to void urine continued. The

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heard of one law for the rich, and another for the poor ; but it is strange at this

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In exciting vomiting by emetic remedies, the feature of chief

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Writers in their descriptions of those vessels, allude to

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the white substance and appears to proceed directly upwards into the brain, thus con-

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women." So that he confesses he never saw the attempt made to resist,

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promote arid encourage closer relationship, with ultimate friendship. In conjrmction with friendship, it seems pecu-

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infection, and the third showed many long, active fonns in the post-

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taking place chietly during the first twelve hours after the dose.

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examination of the blood made in order to assist diagnosis and to

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Leichtenstern unfortunately reports the following very briefly : " Cases

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tally to produce in animals by ligature of one of the

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in the area corresponding to the location of the ulcer, the so-called duodenal

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all difficulties, and managed by his frugality to lay in store for a

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degeneration, pseudosclerosis, and cerebrospinal syph-

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side was large and lacerated and caused by a charge of bird-shot; it

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vii, 149. — JLee (E.) Hydro-therapentic principles in the

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night ; removal of polypi gave relief. N.B. Nov. 30. — " No asthma

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on one side only, menstruation is not interfered with. If they be com-

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when there is an obstacle to the return of blood from the cranial

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cases and 10 deaths on the 21st ; 9 cases and 5 deaths on the 22d ; 26

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optic papillitis, diffused retinitis, atrophic changes consecutive to inflam-

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lost, or perhaps has never been possessed. The former

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Deutsches Arch. f. klin. Med., Leipz., 1891-2, xlix, 457-

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the matting as closely as possible. The whole should then be thor-

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