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traction and slander. Long have they, faithful to what was noblest

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1. Gouguenheim. Traitement local de la phthisie laryn-

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upon which the appetite returned and the febrile symptoms

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ends of the pubic bones with silver wire (Schauta), or,

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incerposed between its particles, were suspended in

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Double intral^amentous cyst with pyosalpinx. Opera-

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arms. She says that on the way, a brownish coloured fluid, with the milk and bread

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were treated antiseptically with incisions on both sides of the joint, washing out

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justice in the renuirk : — "The crowded dinner-tables of the

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day after delivery, thus waiting until the lochia had dis-

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temperate climates. In Italy it has been observed in all malarial

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That’s why the increased efficiency of the drug approval

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hours, after a free evacuation of the bowels, he became better, but he felt

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but as the disease advances it is frequently abnormal, and in severe

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Observations D'Accouchemeus, Recueillies a la Salle des accouchees de I'Kopital

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disinfected and washed in soap and water. The nurse must exercise

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the war he was in practice in Wallasey, where he was tubercu-

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organ and peripheral nerves. The next section of about 120

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or in some of the important surgical regions, the presence of pus cannot always

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He asked one other man's advice; he asked me. I advised him to withdraw the

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ment was the be^t which was the least dangerous, and

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Girdner's telephonic bullet-probe in locating the ball. Smith, S.,

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tion with massage, passive motion, or electrotherapy.

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A. By heating nitric acid with amylic alcohol, dis-

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others. In all such cases, however, there is danger of the Bupervaatkm

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the mothers of 75 per cent, of the infants bom in Belgrave-

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the openinir up and down, lest the filaments of the nerves be wounded.

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sacrum, thighs, buttocks, and stomach. Strictures are generally within

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roughly under the influence of opium, having taken ten grains in

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auto-infection). Less important symptoms are ptyalism, non-albuminuric

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