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little puncture. In another, where ordinary tapping was thought
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women ten guineas each for their first course, ■v.lule the male
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effects are more transient, however, and again, it is not so convenient a
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Emma L — , a maid-servant, set. 17, was admitted November 16th,
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the formation of bone after the failure of a shorter course of inflammation
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quired to restore the parts to normal position that injury
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whilst preserving intact muscular contractility. They do not attack sensibility,
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with amenorrhoea and chlorosis: and some persons imagine that
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Resident physicians have practiced here for over 70
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(1) Female : Eecurrent insanity, aged 15 ; still in asylum.
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school will reopen in the autumn under different man-
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attending to the proper planting of trees, by providing parks, subsoil
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very marked ; (4) the spleen and liver are enlarged, and there is
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Kline & French program by two more students. They
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razioui locali. Gazz. d. osp., Milano, 1898, xix, 1032. —
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process is less acute and the valve damaged by earlier attacks, minute yellow,
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of the various forms. Lupus is the type form, and the infec-
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to tracheotomy, for all surgeons are familiar with the
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Association; Passaic, N. J., County Medical Society (an-
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obscured by concurrent maladies, such as granular kidney and
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It is not uncommon to find bacterial emboli in the bloodvessels.
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approximately 60% of patients with this diagnosis, 1 -8 but
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the second edition. It will doubtless attain all the popularity
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sizes the point that they should be free from metastasis. He admits,
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That’s why the increased efficiency of the drug approval
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he called attention to the position aiid size of the
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lobsters without any ill effects, but the remnants, which were eaten next
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lar cells may be seen, having a central nucleus, surrounded
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hemorrhage. He says: ** Leaving out the pallor of hemorrhage, the two cases
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emptying into the larger veins of the sinus, then that portion of the
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males and simulating peritonitis appears in some cases to W a neuralgic
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preted ; and (to digress a moment) in this fact may, as I
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surface of the body felt very cold. And in another case, a young lad, the
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pened to be at the hospital at that time, I saw him,
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unable to rise, and on being assisted Avas still unable to put the limb
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mous on tlie subject of the influence of subsoil water. The
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The Wide-Awake Tailoring 1 Co. 2735 Franklin Ave.— It is doing
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The Value of Arthrotomy in the Treatment of Certain
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