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after his admission he took to the bed, and was somnol

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P. could judge, the medical treatment had no influence in restoring the

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It was decided under these circumstances to change the scheme of the me-

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indirect auscultation. General opinion gives preference to the

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-a patient in so profound a state of collapse as to be

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wonderful effect of the serum in loosening the membrane is so marked

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pened to be at the hospital at that time, I saw him,

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olood of an enteric fever case, 'hile his descriptions are

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called to order by the vice-president, Dr. R. L. Bots-

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albuminuria, \vith eclamptic and other nervous symptoms,

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the Profession and Medical press beginning to awaken from

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mutes and the normal candidates and the still more striking lack

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to say that such rules are disregarded at the present

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will be the most marked. It is well known that in hepatic

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" cyanotic '' kidney. From the employer of the patient

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substances which would yield a certain volume, the equivalent of a cer-

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who resort to the White Sulphur Spring for the purpose of health, would

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1. Siler. J. F., and Nichols. H. J.: Report of the Pel-

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the head, I believe in its truth, and that it can be fully verified.

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tion of tlie head spontaneously occurs, although he does not indicate the

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seen the seventh, sixth, fifth, eleventh (vocal cord and palate), twelfth,

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bed, now into the prone position, now into the supine, is now doubled ap,

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relapses occurred in about 30 per cent. Carter describes these under the

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behind the great Hospital de la Salpetriere. — Lancet,

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ing a good quality and sufficient quantity of portable water by means of a

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drowned in it. There is a good deal of uncertainty about this

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injury. The most common organism in the early group was

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an infectious disease. In order to emphasize this aspect

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day; fish, if fresh, is good; the same applies to milk.

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the urine is very considerable, varying from 1 to 7 per cent. Occasionally the ex-

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It may also be added here that the man Edward Gr., whose

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of the foetus under any pretence is sanctioned. You

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results obtained from local treatment and cauterization

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of time by a vaginal discharge. The history of diseases among

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congenital aberration which he perceived in three patients. All

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the Grovpth together with Portions of the Carotid Ar-

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studies show Carafate to be as effective in smokers as

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membrane of the bladder. The urine may remain or be kept

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