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this singular organ is pathologically liable, in the person of a young woman, aged

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used, but they should be used with great caution. Since 1884

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ing of the mouth and teeth, will almost inevitably induce it. In typhus

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filariie of the eye. J. Trop. M., Lond., 1898-9, i, 176-179.—

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Federal Reserve Syitem — Fcder&l Deposit Insurance Corporation

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killed by coupling, 254 ; falling off, 337. Only 239 passengers were killed

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British Empire— I would crave permission to offer a few in-

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slightest i^rovocation or contrariety. For them, real

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broths were in great excess over the carbohydrates.

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1865, Dec. 6. Case of Strangulated Hernia. — Dr. John AsHHURST, Jr.,

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sistent. Tumor is generally accompanied by epileptiform attacks ;

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outraged justice asserts itself, and the people demand

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■was given in simple syrup. In twenty-four hours, all the severe symptoms

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Mr. Woods, of the enterprising Iowa firm, The Woods Company, was

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Under these circumstances the arterial pressure could be increased to as much

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Muscular system may be completely relaxed; legs limber; muscles

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of Brocq (folliculitis decalvans) in a Sinhalese man.

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present and the inconvenience caused by assuming a stooping position,

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stage cases than on incipient or cases of very slight involvement.

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the nerve terminations, M. I )ebore thought to act upon

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slips down. We may, therefore, twist a piece of stiff" paper into a

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postero-lateral column in which they are initiated, but

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lens to make it apparent. Here is a figure (by Piri-

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fixation and for Alexander's operation. In his own practice

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(2) patients with second- or third-degree AV block except in the

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Washington, D.C.; Treasurer, Lawrence C. Carr, Major

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thoroughly separated and the irrigating liquid finds direct

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ends lying on the abdomen, each piece overlapping the

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(4) Age of father at birth of son and longevity of sons :

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niplieating exist, tiien amputatiim -hould be perfurmed.

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In a few cases there were contractures present which could not be

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tertian: On the fourth day of the disease, erythrocytes, 3,131,250;

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found in wounds. It was difficult to devise a method that would keep

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and the conversations brisk and to the point; more-

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bladder. They have been found in the glomeruli of the kidney,

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seems to become a habit with some horses. Sometimes, how-

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